Downton ABBA
Indefinite Hiatus

I know I said I’d be back to posting to things here, but I’ve let it slide for so long. So the hiatus continues for the foreseeable future, sorry. :(

Hi All

So I do have some stuff still in the drafts from S3 which I will eventually post. I also have some ideas for some S4 stuff, so this blog isn’t dead, it’s just on hiatus for a bit, and I’ll probably get to making and queuing stuff up in a month or so. Work is crazy, and other graphics and such have priority, but eventually I’ll make a come back here, thanks for sticking around! 

Downton ABBA One Year Anniversary

One year ago I made this blog after someone us were goofing around. Then on a whim I made the blog. And here we are now.

I’ve got a bunch of things in my drafts, but they weren’t watermarked and as the other day proved, I need to watermark them (it’s honestly not that big of a deal, but I do want people to know where the images come from). But I am very lazy, and with S4 airing now I’m kinda focused on other things, lol. I’m going to go through and get some ready for posting so that this blog isn’t as quiet as it has been lately.

Regarding S4, I’m going to hold off on posting anything spoilery as I had some people ask me not to back with S3. In fact, S3 is what is mostly in the drafts because of that.

Anyway, thank you for following this blog and thank you for the music!

When Mary is depressed, is she living in DOUBT-ton Abbey?



(Whoops! I’d grabbed the cap from this imgur gallery [which coincidentally has one of my own gifs on it] and admittedly my knowledge of ABBA doesn’t go beyond “Dancing Queen”— didn’t realize it was a Downton ABBA post. My bad. Reblogged the reblog of the repost. Hoping someone screenshots this, then reposts it so I can reblog the repost of the reblog of the reblog of the repost.

Consider this also a plug for this blog because I actually like it despite knowing jack-all about ABBA.

It’s a little sad that the lyrics fit so well it just seemed like a reaction image instead of ABBA lyrics. Of course thankfully it no longer applies to our beloved Edith)

It’s alright, it’s my own fault for not watermarking. I figured something like that had occurred. All is well :) 

When Mary is depressed, is she living in DOUBT-ton Abbey?
I love your blog. It's amazing!

Thank you!! :D